Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to my blog, my life, everything !

First things first my name is Lorss Rivera , im 26 years young, freelancer english teacher, i love learning new languages (currently learning italian), in love with the idea of learning new cultures, meeting new people, basically doing new things!. I enjoy being by myself and also being around lots of people, im that kind of girl that will always make you laugh and never let you down, of course i have tons of flaws BUT i promise that you can look pass them if you give me the chance. 

The idea of starting my blog has been around my mind for a while but the timing just wasnt perfect, there wasnt much going on i admit, but now that i finally start traveling and actually enjoying everything around me ... well lets just say that finally every single piece fits into my puzzle. 

I will talk a little about everything i love, my travels (that´s my passion), a day in the life (promise that only stuff that is really super fun sharing) and also about fashion , now i must say  that im not a fashion guru or anything like that but im a shopaholic and i think it will be interesting to share that with you guys. 

Well now that everything is said i really hope you like it and honestly it will be amazing if you decide to join me in my journey!

Have an amazing night guys ! 

Ciao !!

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