Sunday, June 15, 2014

Photo shoot + Beach + Music + Friends = Great Weekend !

Ciao a tutti ! 

- hahaha, trying to practice italian a little bit.- This weekend turn out to be a really fun one because I got to see a lot of my friends and to do a lot of things as well (maybe not A LOT, I may have exaggerate a little bit). To start of I went for a photo shoot at the beach and it was really fun and also something new for me, I must really say that im not a model, not at all, I´m a little afraid of the camera (as silly as it may sound ) they can pop a camera in front of me and I just literally dont know what to do!, -Where do I put my arm?, should I smile?- I do get quite nervous, but that made it even more fun and I got very confident in a few minutes. It was a really nice location at the beach, the weather was perfect not to hot and not cold at all. We end up spending 4 hours at the beach, taking the pictures and having lots of fun ( forgot to mention that the photographer is one of my best friends so that made the photo shoot really comfortable and with lots of laughter). 

After that I went to a friends house and spend the rest of the evening there. Almost at 11:00 pm we decided to go to the beach, we find a really nice spot with lots of big stones were you can sit and be really comfy. The guys took the guitars and decided to make a sing along kind of think wich was really relaxing and fun, I really like those kind of nights, beach, friends, guitars, everything makes such a great combo!. 

Me and My Best Friend after the photo shoot. 
Arriving at the beach, and for the photo shoot I was wearing a really cute top from ¨ G by Guess¨ and some blue shorts from ¨American Eagle Outfitters.¨
-Dont mind the sunglasses when it was dark, they were goofying around! lmfao- The guys have a band called : ¨N.V.R¨ and I must say that they are really great! I actually will leave a link to their Facebook page and in there you can listen to their video cover of: Crystalised from ¨The XX¨.

Well that´s all from now, I promise i´ll leave some of the pictures of the photo shoot just please don´t go really hard on me, remember Im not a model ... not even close to one, LOL. Also guys on the right you can see that I already put the little badge of my instagram link so feel free to see it!. 

Thanks for reading guys, hope you also had an amazing weekend and lots of fun with your friends, girlfriend (or boyfriend). 

Hugs to everyone ! 



  1. Giirl you look so happy and beautiful:)

    Love your blog and hope that we could stay in touch!
    Xoxo Antonella <3

    1. Thank you , thats really sweet! i was looking at your blog and love it as well :D

      have an amazing day ! xo <3

  2. You look so cute :) I love it especially that top

    1. i love you <3 thanks for your support **hugs you**

  3. I love the crop top from Guess! :)
    Could you check out my blog and write a review on the latest one? I'm new to this!xx

    1. Hi ! thnks so much <3 im glad you like it ! :)
      Of course I would love to read your blog just send me the link to get there, cause I do click on you name but it doesnt get me anywhere :C !

      Thnks for stopping by, hope you keep reading my blog <3


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