Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Finally ... Im back!

Helloooo everyone ! 
I havent posted anything since almost 2 years .. thats so crazy ! .. 

So much has happen in my life since 2014, here you can see what im talking about *deep breathe*

1) November 29,2014 ✈️: I moved to Shanghai,China and change my life forever.
2) Meet awesome peopleπŸ‘―, lived with chinese families for a while.
3) Kindergarten english teacherπŸ“– ( i absolutely love my job more than anything in the world)
4) Learning chinese ⛩🍲(still im bad at it, but trying hard, such a difficult language!)
5) Going to awesome concerts of my favorite Kpop bands ! (Super Junior <3 ..yes.. Im a proud ELF and will always be ❤️😌 )
6) Started a vegan journey.πŸŽπŸŒπŸ“πŸ†❤️

So many things I want to share right now ! But i will do it eventually, today was only about giving a quick update of my life since 2014! I want to start posting again all about my life in China (food, people,the amazing city,language, cultural shock, work, love) and how i manage to get here.

Well right now is time for me to go, will be back soon thought!! I will leave some pics for the moment!

Goodnight China, Good morning America.🌜🌞

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